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housing economy and these are good times for the south bay and now we have march madness on top of it. the games of course here at hp pavilion but ripple effects will be felt throughout downtown san jose. welcome to the ground floor of march madness. literally. crews hammering in the basketball court that will host teams from around the country here at hp pavilion while the cooking staff is prepared to handle the rush of basketball players, fans and officials. >> we anticipate being sold out for the next four nights with reservations and dinner parties. we have several private dining rooms that are also booked for officials and special dinners and things like that. >> reporter: downtown restaurants, hotels and other businesses will all benefit from the tournament. >> it's an honor for us to host this event again. >> reporter: while the arena which just had the floor shipped in from ncaa headquarters will have its moment in the spotlight too. >> it showcases itself well. it looks great on tv. we have a full service staff here that works with the ncaa. so those are the reasons why we're
board before the rest of economy class. is it worth it for you? the program is being tested at airports in texas, maryland, virginia and florida. >>> it's been a long time coming after a year and a half of anticipation. the blackberry z-10 hit stores today. the redesigned touch screen blackberry is available through at&t. verizon, t-mobile and sprint versions will be able in the coming weeks. it allows users to have multiple apps open just like a computer desktop. a new keyboard blackberry is coming in two to three months. >>> in health matters, norovirus is now the biggest cause of severe stomach troubles for young kids. researchers at the centers for disease control reviewed data on more than 140,000 children under the age of 5 who visited a doctor for acute gastroenteritis. norovirus is highly contagious and spread through close contact with sick people and contaminated food. >>> another reason to avoid sodium. harvard researchers have linked excess salt consumption to more than two million deaths worldwide in 2010. the doctors analyzed more than 200 studies looking at the sodium int
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2